Dave O’Higgins

Saxophonist, composer, educator, producer


I finished 2013 by recording a new cd of standards, remarkably to be called “Standards”. It’s just been released so please buy it from the BUY CDs page on this site! It’s a selection of tunes associated with Frank Sinatra, with whom I had the pleasure of playing at the Royal Albert Hall in 1992 on his last London shows. It is a quartet with Robin Aspland, Jeremy Brown and Sebastiaan de Krom. You can check out the YouTube tracks from the date on New Sounds.

Also out soon is a new album with Anita Wardell and the Loire Allstars (Tristan Mailliot, Oli Hayhurst and Mike Gorman). There’s a track to listen to on New Sounds.

The quartet I co-lead with Geoff Gascoyne is about to record some new contrafacts for “The Real Note Vol 2” CD - we’ve got some very cheeky new tunes happening and you can see us on our Jazz Services 2014 tour somewhere....

Meanwhile I’m off to New York with Brubecks Play Brubeck in April.



Welcome to my website (new update February 2014)

“A stunning player in the neo-bop vein, with an apparently effortless flow of coherent ideas, beautiful time and a highly developed harmonic sense.”