Photo by Patti Henry


4 Kingston Boaters Inn with Kieron Garrett Quartet 8pm

8 Bristol St Georges Theatre with the Darius Brubeck Quartet 8pm

15 Kingston Ram Jam with the Kieron Garrett Quartet 8pm

January 2017

5 Enfield Googlies, with house band 9pm

7 London 606 Club with Dave O’Higgins Quartet 9.30pm

10 Brentwood Bardswell with Dave O’Higgins Quartet 8pm

13 Derby with Barnes, O’Higgins and the Sax Section 8pm

18 London Toulouse Lautrec with Jason Lyon Trio (+ jam session) 9pm

20 Colchester Stoke by Nayland Hotel with the Ben Crossland Quintet (The Ray Davies Songbook) 8pm

25 London 606 Club with “Cantina Jazz” 8pm

26 Folkestone Tower Theatre with Nick Mills Blue Note Sextet 8.30pm

27 Ilminster Arts with Geoff Simkins, Dominic Ashworth and the Craig Milverton Trio 8pm

29 Herts Jazz with the Clark Tracey Trio 7pm

February 2017

2 Beckenham Club Langley, Dave O’Higgins Quartet 8.30pm

5 Colindale, Chandos Arms with Rick Finlay Quartet 7pm

12 Market Harborough Angel Hotel, Dave O’Higgins Quartet 12.30

13 London Ronnie Scott’s with Darius Brubeck Quartet, “Years Ago” cd launch 8pm

20 Isleworth Read Lion with Trevor Tomkins/Richard Rozze Quintet 8.30pm

21 Wavendon Stables with Darius Brubeck Quartet 8pm

23 Wellingborough Castle with Dave O’Higgins Quartet 8pm

25 Hythe Church with Darius Brubeck Quartet 7.30pm

March 2017

2 Ealing Plough Inn with Steve Waterman and the Dick Esmond Trio 8.30pm

6 Bedford, The Bedford Arms with Graham Harvey, Arnie Somogyi and Mark Hale 8pm

9 Folkestone Tower Theatre with Steve Waterman Sextet 8pm

10 Chichester Pallant Suite with Dave O’Higgins Quartet 7.45pm

18 London Southbank, The Archduke with dave O’Higgins Quartet 10pm

21 Twickenham Cabbage Patch with Nick Mills’ Blue Note Project 8.30pm

22 Mill Hill with Nick Mills’ Blue Note Project 8.30pm

23 Coventry Albany Club with Kieron Garrett Band 8pm

27 Isleworth Read Lion with Trevor Tomkins & friends 8.30pm

31 Walton-on-Thames Riverside Theatre with Dave O’Higgins Quartet 7.30pm

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