Zog Blog - Talking Heads, Southampton / by Elaine Crouch

Gig 7

This was a very rock'n'roll type pub venue, with sticky carpet, budget pizzas and half price alcoholic drinks for the band (full price soft drinks to discourage teetotalism!)

I had a 'Highway to Hell' pizza which promised to be spicy. I love chilli and normally laugh in the face of a UK chilli challenge. This time I got more than I bargained on, and couldn’t feel my face for the first 3 tunes!

Anyway, the gig went extremely well and the smallish audience (45) were very appreciative and bought lots of CDs. 

I caught the train and night bus home and the trip to Brixton in the small hours was a reminder of the old days with some of the eccentric characters about at 1:30am Tues/Weds.