Zog Blog - The Oval Tavern & Fleece Jazz / by Elaine Crouch


Gig 14

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

Sunday lunchtime in Croydon, thanks to endearingly grumpy promoter, Ken Carter’s tireless efforts, has become an institution. The staff are very young and hospitable to the band and mainly elderly patrons. The audience are 'professional' spec jazz fans, who love to engage with stories of when they first saw you, and when Alan Barnes was last at the pub. We had a cracking gig in here, and even one of the bar staff bought a CD. Ken said “You’re like a rash, you are” meaning I’m all over the place on my tour. I think it was meant as a compliment!

One of the most gratifying things with both this, the Fleece Jazz and the King's Head, Bexley gig, is how many people commented positively about my original compositions, especially when the demograph would suggest a predilection for standards.

Gig 13

Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Golf and Spa Hotel

This gig is in a function suite of a big country hotel. Attendance was a little disappointing, and the audience predominantly senior citizens. They gave us good support, but left the 4 seats very close in front of us empty. Much to our surprise, 4 very glamorous young ladies, dressed to kill in stilettoes, etc, took these seats enthusiastically for the last 2 songs of the evening, and were evidently enjoying the music.

There’s a nice review from the Fleece Jazz organisation here.