Zog Blog - Atrium Café Bar - Clitheroe  / by Elaine Crouch

Gig 25

We had a 6 hour drive through snow storms and all sorts down from Aberdeen. Eventually we made it to Clitheroe, only to get terribly lost in the one way system of this attractive town, ending up at some youth centre at the end of a waterlogged impasse (that was where the sat nav guided us). After asking a few kind folk in the pouring rain, it became apparent we wanted the castle, an imposing building we could see, but could we drive there?!

Of course we made it in the end to a modern glass and stone annex to the Castle, which was the Atrium Cafe. The crowd gathering looked like they wanted to hear standards, and yet I was regaled by stories of recent visits from Tim GarlandSoweto Kinch and Marius Neset, so I figured we could play our repertoire with impunity. Sure enough we were very well received by a comfortably full house, and lots of people came up to me after with kind comments.

Here are a few snaps from our travels.