Zog Blog - Teignmouth Jazz & Blues Festival / by Elaine Crouch

Gig 20

This is a beautiful part of the country - a very picturesque harbour. 

I had a Fri evening concert in the magnificently restored Pavilions Teignmouth with the senior and junior DYJO - Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra. Both groups were about 30-strong with enthusiastic young musicians. They played some quite adventurous arrangements and the sell out crowd received it well.

The next morning my quartet gave a workshop to 6 or 7 musicians of all ages, where we began with playing a minor pentatonic on a blues and progressed through to chromatically approaching guide tones, boogaloo grooves and demonstrated practice regimes designed to make you fit for improvisation.

One of the participants, who was also on the Teignmouth Jazz Festival Committee, excitedly pronounced it the best workshop he’d ever been to!

At 1:30 Seb and I played the Pavilions with Ben Crosland's Ray Davies Songbook Quintet.

Then we moved venues for my quartet gig at the Teign Heritage - Teignmouth & Shaldon Museum, a smaller upstairs venue at a museum a few minutes walk along the coast. We had a real ripper to pretty much a capacity crowd. Nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd. This time I was regaled with “O'Higgins” stories - Bernardo O’Higgins (first president of Chile) and Kevin O'Higgins (Irish nationalist politician assassinated by the IRA in 1927)