Matt Bianco Winter Tour 2019 Pt1 / by Elaine Crouch


We just did a standalone 3 dates in Germany:

Textil Museum, Helmbrechts

Quasimodo, BerlinSchiller Bar & Lounge, Herford

We flew into and back from Frankfurt. There were 3-5 hour drives every day, so the geography was not ideal. We had a fairly comfortable “Van for Bands” so I settled into some lengthy Spotify listening sessions, checking out everything I could think of.

On all these German gigs the promoters were on top form. Everything was impeccably well organised. The hospitality was excellent and the gigs very well attended. The audiences were really attentive - clapping solos and engaging as much with the new material as the hits. All the sound engineers did a great job and we received compliments from the audience to this effect.

Looking forward to the next leg in Holland (with one more German date in the middle).