Matt Bianco goes Dutch part 2 and recording with Tomasso Starace in Turin (January 2018) / by Elaine Crouch


The great thing about touring Holland is that nowhere's more than 2 hours drive away. It’s also a pleasure to MD a band that’s so cooking. It was more like a four day holiday than a tour! The last gig especially was tremendous fun.

The only thing that didn’t go so well was the exit plan to get to my next gig in Turin...

So I left the warm hotel we were staying in with Matt Bianco in Hilversum, Holland, at 6:50am to head for the local train station - a freezing, rainy 10 minute walk away. No human beings to buy tickets from, just machines requiring “coins only”. Who carries €9 in coins? Anyway, I found one that accepted credit cards. In fact it unnervingly swallows your credit card.

I found the appropriate platform in time courtesy of Google maps, not thanks to any helpful sign posting. Sadly my train was delayed over and over, so the next one to the airport left from a different platform (apparently a very clear announcement had been made in Dutch). By the time I made it to Schipol Airport it was 'last call' for my flight and there was a sign saying “18 minutes to the gate”. I was wearing my Paul Smith leather soled stage shoes and I might as well have been trying to run on an ice rink with my sax on my back. I was the last person on the flight, everyone looking visibly miffed at me trundling on at the 18th hour...

Once at Turin I had instructions to catch a bus into town. The ticket machine didn’t work. After some comedic dithering about I just had a feeling the lottery vendor might sell bus tickets, and lo and behold....!

So I then had to find the bus, and when that arrived the driver didn’t get out to open the hold for people's cases, so I found myself in charge! Anyway, it all worked out and I got into town.

Tomasso Starace and drummer, Ruben Bellavia, met me at the stop and showed me to a nice little apartment up 106 steps (like starting at the bottom of the Northern Line) where I’d be staying for 3 nights.

We went from there to the Italian Premises Rehearsal Studio and spent 4 hours slaving over Tommaso's tricky themes, broken up with a little light relief in the form of 'Trinkle Tinkle' and 'Bebop'.

The guys dropped me back at the flat later so I bought some delicious take out ravioli from a pasta shop and a fine Primitivo to wash it down. Could only find a teaspoon to eat it with, but more importantly there was a bottle opener and a wine glass!