Recording with Tomasso Starace in Turin parts 2 & 3 (January 2018) / by Elaine Crouch

The Mad Dog Social Club is a groovy subterranean, cave like cocktail bar, accessed through an unmarked doorway at street level. Apparently it’s the only regular gig in Turin for Jazz unsullied by such frippery as commerciality. The gig was fun after a day in the studio. We played a mixture of tricky originals and easy standards to an appreciative audience. It was all the more therapeutic for the excellent Mescal Negroni cocktails!

It meant a late-ish night, though, so waking up in the dark for a third day in a row hurt....

Considering our lack of sleep and the breakneck tempos we were attempting, the second day in the studio went well and we were done by 6pm.

A chilled evening off and back home via Milan airport the next day. 

Getting roasted on some tricky charts at Carlo Miori's Music Studio With Tommaso Starace's new quartet project in Turin (see video).

8am pickup, in the studio til 6:30pm and then a gig at a club called The Mad Dog Social Club. Mad Dogs and Englishmen, eh?

Ironically it’s an icy 3 degrees here while apparently a balmy 12 in the Brixton Riviera....

Photo by Carlo Mogavero