Darius Brubeck in Szczecin, Poland / by Elaine Crouch

Due to bad UK weather conditions we had two flights cancelled and our plans of making it out a day early to be less fraught were scuppered.

Left Brixton at 6:45am for a 9am flight from Heathrow on Eurowings. We were met at Berlin Tegel Airport and had a 2 hour car journey over extraordinarily bumpy roads to Szczecin. The city had that grey, solemn kind of Cold War look to it and it was about -5 degrees. Our hotel (Dana) was no exception from the outside, but inside was absolutely beautiful in an old fashioned no expenses spared kind of way - lots of chandeliers and heavy furniture.

It was 3pm and all we knew about our itinerary was that we were playing that night. So we did what touring musicians do and seized the opportunity to eat. The menu was fantastic and we had rare steaks and Polish red wine. By the time we’d finished we had been contacted and told we’d be taken in 20 minutes time to the venue. Nicely exhausted now, we changed into our suits and went to the spectacular Philharmonic Hall.

Soundcheck was challenging because we like to set up close and play very acoustic. However the support band was already set up and soundchecked and we were asked not to move anything before our set. The support group was about a 12-piece band including vocals, electronics, strings..... monitors everywhere and the drums miles away with swathes of damping taped to the snare.

Soundcheck finished at 7 and showtime was 8. We assumed we’d be on around 9. Backstage was a futuristic labyrinth like the Battlestar Galactica..... and yet there was pretty much zero hospitality other than bottles of water.

It was 10:30 before we went on in the end. The audience clapped in the right places but it was rare anyone cracked a smile until we suddenly got a standing ovation at the end! Afterwards we were locked out of our dressing room and the whole process of waiting to go back to the hotel was very Spinal Tap and seemed interminable.

I got to bed at 12:30 knowing I had to leave at 3:30am. Oh the glamour.

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