Abstract Truth big Band.jpg

2017 It’s Always 9:30 in Zog (JVG Productions)

2016 Oh Gee! with Barnes / O’Higgins and the Sax Section (Woodville)

2015 The Abstract Truth Big Band (JVG Productions)

2014 The Real Note vol. 2 (Jazzizit) with the Gascoyne/O’Higgins Quartet

2014 Standards (JVG Productions)

2013 Two Minds Big Band (JVG Productions)

2012 Got The Real Note (Jazzizit) with the Gascoyne/O’Higgins Quartet

2011 The Devil’s Interval (with Eric Alexander) (JVG Productions)

2010 Relaxin’ At Mount Lavinia (JVG Productions)

2009 Sketch Book (with Eric Alexander) (Jazzizit)

2008 In the Zone (Jazzizit)

2004 Push (Short Fuse)

2002 Fast Foot Shuffle (Candid)

2001 Big Shake Up by Dave O’Higgins’ Biggish Band (Candid)

1999 The Grinder’s Monkey (Short Fuse)

1996 The Secret Ingredient (EFZ)

1995 Under The Stone (EFZ) (jazz quintet plus string section)

1994 Beats Working For A Living (recorded in New York) (EFZ)

1993 All Good Things (EFZ)